Wood bicycle grips

Check out these custom handmade wood grips for beach cruisers!!

philumen 55

Phillumeny (also known as
phillumenism) is the hobby of
collecting different match-related
items including matchboxes,
matchbox labels, matchbooks,
matchcovers, matchsafes, etc.
After sorting through thousands
of local, vintage match covers,
55 unique, local matchcovers
were finally selected for their
intrinsic qualtiy and nostalgic
value then arranged graphically
to comprise phillumen 55.

Just like Parsley…

Cakke.com blooms once every 2 years…


Blotto Jaffa


You might consider serving something a little stronger than light beer if you’re going to stand there, dummy.

Bubble Gut


Drink Pabst until your blind, dummy, that party trick next to you will never resemble the piece of ass on your band tee.

Postman Pat


It’s not going to get any lighter if you keep carrying it around, dummy.

Perry Como


Throwing a fit and holding your breath in front of mommy and daddy’s door until you turn red doesn’t work when your 30, dummy.

Two Thirty


I don’t care if it will fit, no one wants to see you do it, dummy.

Pot and Pan


If you are so old that you hike your pants up past your tits, then at least put your mailbox someplace you can reach it, dummy.

My Name is Dummy


It wasn’t good enough that your parents put it on your birth certificate, you had to go and make it official, dummy.


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