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Internet Stars are Viral goes Primetime

Well folks, we apologize for our disappearance but after 5 long months of negotiations, we are finally able to fill you in. It is no secret that our viral video compilation has been quite popular with over 1 million views to date and featured on FOX News, CNN headline news as well as National Public Radio (NPR) but it was truly an unexpected honor when the Cakke Team was approached by CBS programming.

Unfortunately we can not give you all the details but we can say that Les Moonves and his CBS team have been very generous with their offer to buy the rights to the song. CBS will be adding a weekly, user submitted viral video show to their fall line up and they have chosen our song “The Internet Stars are Viral” as the theme song for the show.

 (Bernard Shewster (Our wonderful Attorney), Me (Pound), Andrew Cohen (CBS Attorney),

photo: From Left to Right: (Bernard Shewster (Our wonderful Attorney), Pound, Andrew Cohen (CBS Attorney), Black Forrest, Leslie Moonves (CEO CBS Corporation), Bundt and Tres Leches.



Simple Questions: Simple answers

Do we love viral marketing? Yes
Do we love things with a flair for the unusual? Yes
Do we have something new for you? Yes
Do we love simple questions with simple answers? Yes, but it’s complicated…

And here’s why:

The Holidays are quickly approaching… and just like when I was a young boy in Belgium, I wake up every morning covered in fire ants and honey, screaming for my life… but once I’ve dried my tears, gotten the foul sound of his hoarse laughter out of my head, and come to accept that my father is just a sick man… the first thing out of my mouth is… “Is it Christmas yet?”

Usually, at this point, the smell of the petroleum-based unguent I’ve had to apply to reduce the scabbing has made me a bit dizzy and slightly delusional so I can’t really remember. Thank god for

Does this site need explanation? No
Would I miss this glorious holiday without this website? No
Will my life be better because of this website? Yes
Would my life also be better if I moved out of my father’s house? Yes.
(If you have an ant-less, honey-less bed in a room with a lock, e-mail me, Bundt, at

Until next time, voed de boter


Meet The Cakke Team


Pound, a designer by trade and leader by process of elimination. in addition to writing the lyrics for The Internet Stars Are Viral, he makes lists and alphabetizes like nobody’s business. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self-proclaimed “wordsmith:”

Pound on Pound:
“How many times do I have to tell you, I am the king of rhetoric?”

Black Forrest on Pound
“He was the kindest and most forgiving of the Dungeon Masters.”

Tres Leches on Pound
“He pushes Cakke harder than Marie Antoinette.”

Bundt on Pound
“He’s like Mighty Mouse. Always there to save the day; and he likes wearing costumes.”


Black Forrest is a natural born story teller wtih a unique ability to reproduce anything in 1/20 scale and edit video for hours on end without a bathroom break. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self proclaimed “master of everything:”

Black Forrest on Black Forrest
“I hate being smarter than everyone else. No really.”

Tres Leches on Black Forrest
“His layers run deep with methodical planning.”

Bundt on Black Forrest
“On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being low and 10 being high… Black Forest is Awesome”

Pound on Black Forrest
“Sprechen Sie Deutsch? He does and he is not afraid to use it.”


Tres Leches may be the youngest Cakke Team member but nothing stops this guru of concept from riding the brain storm lightning… except a fine Belgian Ale. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self-proclaimed “sexy boy of Cancun ’02:”

Tres Leches on Tres Leches
“0 grams of trans fat. No wonder ladies love him.”

Bundt on Tres Leches
“Just like Dos Leches, only better. Unless you don’t like leches, in which case, he’s uno worse.”

Pound on Tres Leches
“Without Face they would have just been the B-Team

Black Forrest on Tres Leches
“Is this guy legal?”


Bundt is a creative phenom that is so much more than just a salty voice. He also seems to know most of the residents in a little town called cyberspace. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self-proclaimed “chosen one:”

Bundt on Bundt
“I like to think of myself as.”

Pound on Bundt
“I could have sang that song but Bundt had to do something…

oh yeah, and I’m tone deaf.”

Black Forrest on Bundt
“He definitely has a face for radio!”

Tres Leches on Bundt
“Makes me feel like dancing or something.”

The Internet Stars Are Viral

*UPDATE – Download the Internet Stars Are Viral mp3 here

You asked for it. You got it. Lyrics now with links. 

The Cakke Team created this video to pay homage to all the viral internet super stars. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

[LYRICS] Now with links!

Chuck Norris, Tay Zonday, Red clip trade away
Ask a Ninja, Lasse Gjertsen, Stan Lee Cameo

Kevin Nalty, Bonsai Kitten, Dancing Hamster, Leroy Jenkins
Kournikova, Sharapova, Yuri Lane, Halo

Blyleven’s F-bomb, Soulja Boy, Pokemon
Mario, The King supplies, Western Whoppers, Tourist Guy

Lonely Girl Fifteen, Carolina’s Miss Teen
Vote For Pedro, Bonaduce, Prairie Drama, Goatse

The Internet Stars are Viral
and they’re always spreading
from the Diggs they’re getting
The Internet Stars are Viral
no we may not need them
but we cant delete them

Little Fatty, Hasselhoff, Badger, Free Hugs, Smash My Stuff
Chris Crocker, Numa Numa, Box within a Box

Notpron, Domo-Kun, TechnoViking, Burgercon
Bubb Rubb, Cowbells, Lazy Town, Packock

Yatta time, Howard Dean, Filipino Thriller Team
David Elsewhere, Peter Pan, Randy Constan’s Pixieland

Borat, John West, Subliminal, Iron Chef
Chocolate Rain, Snakes on Planes, Tattooed Fingerstaches


Cannon Rock, Brokeback, Kruger Battle, Rich Sandrak
Mud Kip, Dragostea, Microsoft’s Giveaway

Kid Beyond, Saugeen Hall, Lisa Nova, Deathball
Chad Vader, Simpsonize, Pirates Ninjas pick a side

Holly Dolly, Trevor, Trunk Monkey, Bravia
Snapelope, Slusho, Maddox and Ok-Go

You Tube, I Love Bees, Paula’s drunk, Our Colony
Andrew Meyer Tased Bro, Diet Coke and Mentos


Denny Blaze, Tyson, Power Ranger, Guiness Hands
Leekspin, Gundam, “all your base” translation

ORLY Owl, Kikia, Banking in Nigeria,
Ill Mitch, Will It Blend, Looty, Leet, Panic Pin

Moshgirl, Group X, Paris Hilton having sex
Noah K Everyday, Afro Ninja’s not ok


Barbie Girl, Super Kim, Lazy Sunday, German Kid
Flaming Shot, Gofbot, Terry Tate, Coq Roq

Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Tubgirl, the Torn Mime
Cheezburgers Has I Can, Master Chief and Daft hands

Dance Evolution, un-pimped ride, Bus Uncle angry side
Chicken went, Subservient, Owned, Klong, Harvey Dent

Heckler comes at Pauly Shore, Salad Fingers, Where’s George
Rick got Rolled or Kid Star Wars, I can’t think of anymore

A Grain Of Nalts


Kevin Nalts (or Kevin Nalty according to Wikipedia) is a self-proclaimed viral video genius who has the statistics to back it up. Posting under his moniker “Nalts,” this “YouTube funnyman” has posted more than 450 short videos that have been viewed in excess of 10 million times on YouTube. Nalts’ YouTube channel has been viewed 600,000 times and he currently has 20,000 subscribers making him one of YouTube’s most subscribed viewers. Kevin’s video popularity isn’t limited to just YouTube. His videos have appeared on CNN, ABC, BBC, Fox as well as CBS News and Kevin has worked with clients such as Mentos, GPSManiac and DoMyStuff.

According to Kevin’s website (which gets 200 unique visitors daily) Kevin has decided to publicly offer his viral video services for a flat rate of $2,000, guaranteeing at least 20,000 views but he also mentions that only a small number (under 5%) of his video viewers will actually visit the site mentioned. So it seems that although Kevin Nalts has successfully branded himself through viral techniques, his 20,000 loyal subscribers seem to be more interested in what he’s going to do next rather than what he is peddling.

We would be more than willing to shell out the $2,000 for an original Cakke video, Nalts style  so we could tell you how effective it was, but we doubt it would happen. Kevin says “I tend to be very selective about the brands I promote. I typically avoid unknown startups, brands that don’t fit my personality, or anything to do with healthcare marketing.” We don’t contend the fact that Kevin Nalts is a self-promoting video madman but maybe he should consider changing his domain name to

Kevin’s video “Product Placement”

Dip Trip, Flip


Eighteen months after of the domain extension “.eu” became available, we see the birth of a second continent code extension “.asia” Dot Asia has officially been in the works since 2000 and although the domain extension “.asia” officially becomes available yesterday, the bidding officially opens only to trademarked businesses, governments and official bodies serving the Asia-Pacific Region to get first dibs before you can get your grubby little hands on them. 

What’s the advantage of having a “.asia” domain? DotAsia’s Edmon Chang claims “Our research has found that ‘Asia’ is one of the most searched-for terms and by having a .asia website, your ranking on Google or Yahoo will become much higher.”  We know this Asian land grab smells like sweet, sweet potential but you are going to have to holster your credit card until February before the extension becomes available to the public. It is estimated that the most valuable of the generic .”asia” extensions will be so while everyone else is gobbling up the generic word domains here is a different strategy; play off the extension .asia. Here are our top 5 .asia picks:




Until now, viral marketing has been primarily an online experience, giving corporate Americans something to fill inboxes and unproductive days with while still somehow fueling our nation’s economy. But now the ante has been up’ed thanks to GE. Say hello to the newest medium of viral marketing… your TV. By now, you’re intrigued to find out what I’m talking about, I can tell by the confused and slightly bored look on your face, so here it is: One Second Theater by GE.

Somewhere around :26 into their :30 spots there is a “blip.” Literally, that’s all it is to the casual observer; just a one second blip that looks like some sort of “Requiem For A Dream meets the Matrix” kind of info-dump. But upon further inspection, users of DVR technology can rewind to the beginning of the blip and step, frame-by-frame, through the one-second-blip to reveal One Second Theater; a series of 7-10 still frames that humorously tell a story or give some background info about the commercial. And I must admit, some of them are a bit odd, a little off the wall, and are made for people who love the absurd and inane. Remind you of anything? Oh yeah, viral marketing. And for you nay-sayers who complain that viral marketing is defined as content with the ability to be distributed freely amongst people, a la the interweb … Spladow

* The “slideshow” is the One Second Theater seen when looking frame by frame


What truly makes this remarkable is that GE has not only dared the DVR to try hold them back, they’ve beaten it at it’s own game by actually USING the functions for their best interest. Not only did are they getting two commercials for the price of one, but they are making the user have to “do” something to get the content. Last I heard that’s called interactivity, something that’s rarely, if ever, been fully realized with live-television until now. Bravo creative team.

And to address the other side of the problem of people who are prone to fast-forwarding through commercials on these TV-fixers, (or -ruiners depending on which side of the market you sympathize) GE addresses this by not making a big “to do” about these new commercials… effectively making it all but an urban legend. And when it “leaks” that there are subliminal commercials within commercials, people are going to stop their commercial-cruising, if only for GE commercials, and see for themselves if it’s true. (notice the commercials on the site don’t have the “blips” themselves leaving even those who’ve seen them curious of how it works on the real thing). Bravo strategic marketing team.

I think it’s brilliant. But to those who don’t I say… “Let them eat cakke.”


On The Bright Side

This video has been circulating the interweb and gaining major poularity showing how anyone can make a bottle of Mountain Dew glow in the dark. It seems as though everyone just copies and pastes the same information. Most of the sites and blogs reporting on this video open with the same hook. “Glowing Mountain Dew is a great Halloween prank because it’s safe, fast and easy to make.” The magic supposedly happens when you add 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda and 3 caps of hydrogen peroxide to approximately 5oz of Mountain Dew and shake vigorously. The video is reminiscent of the original mentos and Diet Coke experiments with one major exception; it doesn’t work.


 The glowing Mountain Dew trick is without a doubt a successful viral video at the moment but we don’t expect it to have near the life span of of the Mentos and Diet Coke carbonated cola geyser. After seeing the Mentos video, we all tried the experiment and the results were amazing. Not only did it work, it worked well enough to spawn thousands of other people into trying it, national television recognition and Mentos even embraced the phenomenon sending their very own Trevor the Mentos Intern to accpet an award presented by Guiness Book of World Records for the “most Mentos and Coke geysers set off at once.”


Amazingly enough, the fact that the glowing Mountain Dew experiment is a complete hoax, it is still returning some incredible numbers. A search for the keyowrds “mountain dew glow” will return you 26,000 search results while “glowing mountain dew” brings back an impressive 33,300 search results. Thousands are searching for, watching and writing about this highly caffeinated rave accessory but is anyone actually trying it? We did and it’s really too bad it doesn’t work because it would have been a great marketing opportunity for The Dew to bring Techno Viking onboard as their new intern. You know the Techno Viking loves Cakke:


The Power Of The Stache

Who couldn’t use a universal disguise at the tip of their finger from time to time? Imagine you are on line at Whole Foods and the annoying guy from apartment 3, who refuses to have a conversation shorter than 30 minutes comes strolling in. You just want to pay for your tasty roast beef panini and be on your way but the annoying guy does a double take in your direction and the cashier asks you to swipe your card again. This is the perfect situation for the power of the stache. You punch in your pin number for the second time with one hand, quickly bringing a tattooed finger on the other hand to your lip revealing a stylized moustache and situation is averted with the FINGERSTACHE.


photo courtesy of

The exact origin of this finger moustache tattoo, or fingerstache as it is more commonly refered to, is unknown. There is even some discrepancy in the recent revival of this micro trend. There is a tattoo artist in Columbus, Ohio and another in Federal Hill, Rhode Island who both claim responsibility for jumpstarting the fingerstache to the internet phenomenon it has become today. Origins aside, there are reports of as many as 15 people recieving fingerstache tattoos at a single tattoo shop in one day.


photo courtesy of  

The term “fingerstache” returns 25,400 google search results and even has a home on its very own wikipedia page. Most of the TLD’s are still available for fingerstache with the exception of “.com”. The recent popularity of the fingerstache has sparked a new social networking community of people dedicated to the faux facial hair at . Although we doubt will be offered facebook money anytime soon, we do expect the mempership numbers to rise considerably from its current enrollment of 35. It’s easy to see how a concept with this kind of humor mixed with a pinch of the absurd could spark an instant internet meme. Because of the location on the finger of these fingestache tattoos, they tend to not have a very long lifespan which is hopefully not a sign of the very near future for this loveable micro trend.

~NY Cheese

Triads, Triplets, Trios, Terns and Hat-Tricks


 There is a lot of hype out there about how all 3 character domain names have since been registered and that 3 character domains are worth a lot of money. This statement is only partly true as not all 3-character domains are valuable, or even that rare. With the amount of 3-character domains for sale on ebay and other various auction sites today, we decided to go over a few things to consider when purchasing a 3-character domain.

A 3-character could consist of any combination of letters (L) and numbers (N) and/or contain a hyphen (-). The most valuable of 3-character domain name is a 3 letter domain (LLL) or a 3 number (NNN) domain with a .com extension. These domains are very rare and fetch anywhere between $5,000 and several hundred thousand. The 3 letter domain (LLL) and 3 number (NNN) domain with a .net extension are also rare and will usually sell for $1,000 or more. In fact a a 3 letter domain (LLL) or a 3 number (NNN) domain with any TLD extension (.org, .info, .biz, .us, or .mobi) is worth at least a couple hundred dollars and considered a good find.

But what about all those 3 character domains for sale on ebay with no reserve and a current bid of only $10 – 20, such as,, or They must be rare also, right? Chances are it’s only worth the registration fee unless it has a .com extension. Here is a handy little 3-character valuation resource that could will come in handy if you are just unsure about whether or not to fire up the paypal and snatch up what you think is a 3-character gold mine.