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Internet Stars are Viral goes Primetime

Well folks, we apologize for our disappearance but after 5 long months of negotiations, we are finally able to fill you in. It is no secret that our viral video compilation has been quite popular with over 1 million views to date and featured on FOX News, CNN headline news as well as National Public Radio (NPR) but it was truly an unexpected honor when the Cakke Team was approached by CBS programming.

Unfortunately we can not give you all the details but we can say that Les Moonves and his CBS team have been very generous with their offer to buy the rights to the song. CBS will be adding a weekly, user submitted viral video show to their fall line up and they have chosen our song “The Internet Stars are Viral” as the theme song for the show.

 (Bernard Shewster (Our wonderful Attorney), Me (Pound), Andrew Cohen (CBS Attorney),

photo: From Left to Right: (Bernard Shewster (Our wonderful Attorney), Pound, Andrew Cohen (CBS Attorney), Black Forrest, Leslie Moonves (CEO CBS Corporation), Bundt and Tres Leches.



Meet The Cakke Team


Pound, a designer by trade and leader by process of elimination. in addition to writing the lyrics for The Internet Stars Are Viral, he makes lists and alphabetizes like nobody’s business. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self-proclaimed “wordsmith:”

Pound on Pound:
“How many times do I have to tell you, I am the king of rhetoric?”

Black Forrest on Pound
“He was the kindest and most forgiving of the Dungeon Masters.”

Tres Leches on Pound
“He pushes Cakke harder than Marie Antoinette.”

Bundt on Pound
“He’s like Mighty Mouse. Always there to save the day; and he likes wearing costumes.”


Black Forrest is a natural born story teller wtih a unique ability to reproduce anything in 1/20 scale and edit video for hours on end without a bathroom break. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self proclaimed “master of everything:”

Black Forrest on Black Forrest
“I hate being smarter than everyone else. No really.”

Tres Leches on Black Forrest
“His layers run deep with methodical planning.”

Bundt on Black Forrest
“On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being low and 10 being high… Black Forest is Awesome”

Pound on Black Forrest
“Sprechen Sie Deutsch? He does and he is not afraid to use it.”


Tres Leches may be the youngest Cakke Team member but nothing stops this guru of concept from riding the brain storm lightning… except a fine Belgian Ale. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self-proclaimed “sexy boy of Cancun ’02:”

Tres Leches on Tres Leches
“0 grams of trans fat. No wonder ladies love him.”

Bundt on Tres Leches
“Just like Dos Leches, only better. Unless you don’t like leches, in which case, he’s uno worse.”

Pound on Tres Leches
“Without Face they would have just been the B-Team

Black Forrest on Tres Leches
“Is this guy legal?”


Bundt is a creative phenom that is so much more than just a salty voice. He also seems to know most of the residents in a little town called cyberspace. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self-proclaimed “chosen one:”

Bundt on Bundt
“I like to think of myself as.”

Pound on Bundt
“I could have sang that song but Bundt had to do something…

oh yeah, and I’m tone deaf.”

Black Forrest on Bundt
“He definitely has a face for radio!”

Tres Leches on Bundt
“Makes me feel like dancing or something.”

The Power Of The Stache

Who couldn’t use a universal disguise at the tip of their finger from time to time? Imagine you are on line at Whole Foods and the annoying guy from apartment 3, who refuses to have a conversation shorter than 30 minutes comes strolling in. You just want to pay for your tasty roast beef panini and be on your way but the annoying guy does a double take in your direction and the cashier asks you to swipe your card again. This is the perfect situation for the power of the stache. You punch in your pin number for the second time with one hand, quickly bringing a tattooed finger on the other hand to your lip revealing a stylized moustache and situation is averted with the FINGERSTACHE.


photo courtesy of

The exact origin of this finger moustache tattoo, or fingerstache as it is more commonly refered to, is unknown. There is even some discrepancy in the recent revival of this micro trend. There is a tattoo artist in Columbus, Ohio and another in Federal Hill, Rhode Island who both claim responsibility for jumpstarting the fingerstache to the internet phenomenon it has become today. Origins aside, there are reports of as many as 15 people recieving fingerstache tattoos at a single tattoo shop in one day.


photo courtesy of  

The term “fingerstache” returns 25,400 google search results and even has a home on its very own wikipedia page. Most of the TLD’s are still available for fingerstache with the exception of “.com”. The recent popularity of the fingerstache has sparked a new social networking community of people dedicated to the faux facial hair at . Although we doubt will be offered facebook money anytime soon, we do expect the mempership numbers to rise considerably from its current enrollment of 35. It’s easy to see how a concept with this kind of humor mixed with a pinch of the absurd could spark an instant internet meme. Because of the location on the finger of these fingestache tattoos, they tend to not have a very long lifespan which is hopefully not a sign of the very near future for this loveable micro trend.

~NY Cheese

Membership Is Doubtful


MySpace, a social networking site with a population of 200 million user profiles, was one of the first of these types of sites to gain serious media attention when it was purchased by News Corporation (the parent company of Fox Broadcasting) in July 2005 for US$580 million. Before the popularity of MySpace exploded, the social networking scene was dominated by Friendster, a site that lost most of its momentum when its online membership was passed by Myspace in 2004. Google offered US$30 million to buy out Friendster in 2003, but they were turned down and to this day remains one of the biggest blunders of Silicon Valley, according to Associated Press.

Facebook appears to be the hot new social networking site of the times generating an estimated US$150 to 300 million in advertising revenue so far this year. Facebook turned down a US$1billion offer from Yahoo and a US$1.3 billion offer from Microsoft earlier in the year. Facebook is looking for funding of US$50 million to US$250 million that could potentially value the company at US$10 billion.

But why so much interest in Facebook? It is popular with over 39 milliion users… but Friendster has over 50 million users and MySpace has over 200 million. Both of these sites saw their popularity plummet after becoming mainstream. There are many other social networking sites out there also. Hi5 has 50 million users, Orkut has 68 million and the up-and-coming Bebo has close to 34 million users.

What is the future for social networking and why do we want to do the same thing as 50 million other people? What ever happened to individualism and being part of something unique. Small elite networks do still exist. It’s just a matter of finding them.