Simple Questions: Simple answers

Do we love viral marketing? Yes
Do we love things with a flair for the unusual? Yes
Do we have something new for you? Yes
Do we love simple questions with simple answers? Yes, but it’s complicated…

And here’s why:

The Holidays are quickly approaching… and just like when I was a young boy in Belgium, I wake up every morning covered in fire ants and honey, screaming for my life… but once I’ve dried my tears, gotten the foul sound of his hoarse laughter out of my head, and come to accept that my father is just a sick man… the first thing out of my mouth is… “Is it Christmas yet?”

Usually, at this point, the smell of the petroleum-based unguent I’ve had to apply to reduce the scabbing has made me a bit dizzy and slightly delusional so I can’t really remember. Thank god for

Does this site need explanation? No
Would I miss this glorious holiday without this website? No
Will my life be better because of this website? Yes
Would my life also be better if I moved out of my father’s house? Yes.
(If you have an ant-less, honey-less bed in a room with a lock, e-mail me, Bundt, at

Until next time, voed de boter



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