Another Reason To Love Guinness

Good things come to those who wait and even better things come to the first person to solve the new Guinness alternate reality game, ‘Guinness Tipping.’ What could be better than the reward that follows the dance that this dark stout performs in a pint after a perfect pour? How about a solid gold domino? A month ago ichameleon/group/, the creative team that birthed this mind bending ARG, launched this cryptic trailer for ‘Guinness Tipping’ on YouTube.

The online goose chase gained instant popularity on dozens of forums with fans obsessively trying to decipher clues that would eventually lead to a Guinness commercial hidden somewhere on the web. Three weeks and thousands of posts later, the waiting is over. Red Hatty, a member of the UFICTION Alternate Reality Game Forum, became the first to solve the cryptic puzzle and unlock the hidden Guinness commercial. We estimate thousands of lost hours of sleep that finally brings us to this amazing commercial for our favorite meal in a can. Enjoy.



3 comments so far

  1. Rob Gonda on


  2. Gunnar on

    first thought: wtf, just another of those “dominoe” commercials?

  3. Scanners on

    This is officially the most expensive commercial ever made. But personally I prefer the bizarre Guinness ad with the snail race. And that’s coming from someone who drinks the stuff 😉

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