Meet The Cakke Team


Pound, a designer by trade and leader by process of elimination. in addition to writing the lyrics for The Internet Stars Are Viral, he makes lists and alphabetizes like nobody’s business. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self-proclaimed “wordsmith:”

Pound on Pound:
“How many times do I have to tell you, I am the king of rhetoric?”

Black Forrest on Pound
“He was the kindest and most forgiving of the Dungeon Masters.”

Tres Leches on Pound
“He pushes Cakke harder than Marie Antoinette.”

Bundt on Pound
“He’s like Mighty Mouse. Always there to save the day; and he likes wearing costumes.”


Black Forrest is a natural born story teller wtih a unique ability to reproduce anything in 1/20 scale and edit video for hours on end without a bathroom break. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self proclaimed “master of everything:”

Black Forrest on Black Forrest
“I hate being smarter than everyone else. No really.”

Tres Leches on Black Forrest
“His layers run deep with methodical planning.”

Bundt on Black Forrest
“On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being low and 10 being high… Black Forest is Awesome”

Pound on Black Forrest
“Sprechen Sie Deutsch? He does and he is not afraid to use it.”


Tres Leches may be the youngest Cakke Team member but nothing stops this guru of concept from riding the brain storm lightning… except a fine Belgian Ale. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self-proclaimed “sexy boy of Cancun ’02:”

Tres Leches on Tres Leches
“0 grams of trans fat. No wonder ladies love him.”

Bundt on Tres Leches
“Just like Dos Leches, only better. Unless you don’t like leches, in which case, he’s uno worse.”

Pound on Tres Leches
“Without Face they would have just been the B-Team

Black Forrest on Tres Leches
“Is this guy legal?”


Bundt is a creative phenom that is so much more than just a salty voice. He also seems to know most of the residents in a little town called cyberspace. Here is what the Cakke Team says about this self-proclaimed “chosen one:”

Bundt on Bundt
“I like to think of myself as.”

Pound on Bundt
“I could have sang that song but Bundt had to do something…

oh yeah, and I’m tone deaf.”

Black Forrest on Bundt
“He definitely has a face for radio!”

Tres Leches on Bundt
“Makes me feel like dancing or something.”


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  1. Pelican on

    Oh my god ! Je vous aimes !

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