Pirate.com vs Ninja.com


Pirates vs. Ninjas (PVN) is a hypothetical question or debate that has worked it’s way into the mainstream in the past several years: Who would win in a fight: between pirates and ninjas? The humorous question manages to actually raise debate based on the fictional portrayal of ninjas and pirates both being highly skilled in physical combat as well as the fact that their stereotypes are extreme opposites of each other. This debate of pirates vs. ninjas has started a pop culture movement of websites, blogs, t-shirts and even movies that are fueled by people feeling a sense connection with one over the other. There is even a Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball video game to be released on an as-yet-unnamed console in early 2008. The Cakke Team looked at this hypothetical npirate vs. ninja question as a serious domain assignment. Who would recieve a higher final bid at auction, pirate.com or ninja.com.                                              


Although some pirates may disagree, there doesn’t seem to be much debate when it comes to pirate.com vs. ninja.com. The statistics speak for themselves and we would definately pay quite a bit more for ninja.com than pirate.com


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  1. Natasha on

    Personally, pirates and ninja’s both are highly capable of winning a battle between eachother. There is no exact answer. It depends on the skill the person has. I guess looks and personality have a toll on why one would choose pirates or ninjas. Anyway, the point i’m getting to is, there is no answer which is better.

    ~love of a loser~

  2. Alex on

    Pirates hands down not even close.

  3. Jonathan on

    Dude, a ninja would probably try to sneak up and stab a pirate, but you forget the reason that pirates wear parrots. Why is that, you ask? Because it’s scientifically proven that parrots can smell ninja sweat for 2 miles. Like cockatoos are used for smelling dangerous gases in mines, parrots are a pirates precaution against ninjas. So, now you have a pirate that is aware of the ninja, and without the ninja’s usual advantage of surprise, it’s all down to a fight to the death. Now, the usual ninja is equipped with a katana, and perhaps a kunai or ten. Pirates traditionally settle for a scimitar or cutlass and a brace of pistols. In long range combat, it would seem a ninja has more to throw at a pirate. Hence the peg leg. See, despite popular belief, pirates are swift of foot, and the ones with the peg legs are usually the swiftest. They practice for years, kicking padded kunai out of the air in anticipation of the inevitable ninja. The brace of pistols, though limited in ammunition, will level out the advantage, and perhaps lean it to the pirate’s favor. In close range, the ninja will seem to have the advantage as well, were it not for the fact that katanas are not as nimble and as easy to wield as a cutlass or scimitar. However, the speed of a ninja’s attacks will give a pirate a run for his money.

    Long story short, pirates and ninja are not enemies, but rather a shifty cease fire, based on respect and mutual awesomeness. Let not the argument be pirate or ninja, but pirates and ninjas versus the corrupt around the world!!!

  4. Blazerkin on

    Ninja wa ichi ban desuyo

  5. blaze on

    ninjas rock heck yeah

  6. lazer bin k. on

    ninjas are an unstoppable force that if ever truly unleashed upon the earth again would destroy all those who opposed them. long live the followers of stealthy kill way. may the shadows hide you and your swords blade be sharp.

  7. Red Ninja on

    well lets look at this historically based, Ninjas were ancient japanesse warriors who were breed to fight and kill, without even being seen or heard. there expertise with a sword is unrivaled,and there swiftness makes them all the more dangerous.

    Lets look at a pirate, after reading from a magizine made right after POTC3 the mag said that most pirates were at the bottom of capable fighters, not being skilled with a sword and even being worse when in a naval battle, treacherous, unreliable, untrained, drunk pirates who 1 british soldier could take down 5, there euipment was raggy and made of HORRIBLE quality.
    pirates were nothing but drunks who robbed unarmed merchant ships.
    just because a movie like POTC3 portrays them to be great swordsman and even better naval commanders, to be united and actually have laws and a Pirate council does not make it true.

    however Ninjas were trained in martial arts, were organized, very honorable, people.
    in a fight hands down ninja wins, 1 ninja can kill 20 pirates easily without breaking a sweat…i no this, i did it last friday.

  8. mushimaru on

    A ninja can wield any kind of a concealed weapon of his/her choice, a katana a weapon of a ninja? I don’t think that’s right, actually its the other way around, a katana is very long and a murasame is a very short sword, for a ninja a smaller weapon means a bigger advantage against any opponent. Quote: ” You can’t kill a ninja master unless you’re a master samurai or also one of them.” ” You can’t kill what you can’t see”.

  9. lol yeah... on

    Lets think this through here red ninja. Ninja stabbed people in the back…so Im thinking the ninja vs. pirate on honorableness, not so clear cut as u would wish. Secondly, ninja’s were trained in martial arts only until they dropped out of samurai lessons… then they pretty much learned how 2 wear black and throw pointy objects. thirdly, pirates were a thread to entire Governments….not so untrained as u may think, and not quite so overmatched.

    and lets face it, pirates have a parrot…so i think they’re officialy cooler….

  10. lol yeah... on

    threat…not thread, i appologise

  11. Ben on

    Oh come on! Ninjas would obviously annihilate pirates in a matter of seconds, pirates have what? Baggy pants and a bendy sword? Ninjas have years of training in martial arts! Only Chuck Norris and a Samurai Master can kill a ninja and don’t try to pretend otherwise.

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