You Can Own Iraq

Then you had better hurry and be willing to shell out over $650,000 because has less than two days left at auction. The domain is in its final days of a 10 day auction and has recieved 11 bids and reached 455,000 EUR (642,824 USD) which still has not met the reserve price. Of course we can’t predict whether the reserve price will be met or not without knowing what it is, but we would not be surprised to see this domain close in on one million USD in it’s final hours at auction.

The term “iraq” returns over 185,000,000 google search results and recieves nearly 200,000 news stories associated with the country weekly. Some of the most common keywords that people search for associated with “iraq” are “iraq war” (24,355 searches/mo), “iraqi dinar” (5,986 searches/mo), “iraq map” (4,545 searches/mo) and “iraq news” (2,983 searches/mo). As you can probably imagine, is not a new domain. It has been registered since 1998 and recieves around 500 unique page views daily.

Don’t hestitate if you have an interest in purchasing Iraq, you already missed your chance with which sold in May of this year for 400,000 USD. If you can’t afford Iraq, there is always, currently at auction with a bid of 96,500 USD. It’s no wonder Iraq is demanding such a high price after being named Foreign Policy Magazine’s 20007 second most unstable nation in the world after Sudan.


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