Are You Ready For Some Football… Marketing?


As the football season starts, so does football branded advertising and media campaigns. If you didn’t get enough of him on Thursday night in his season opening game against the New Orleans Saints, Peyton Manning is starring in a TV spot from Sprint that promotes the website The Colts quarterback will illustrate how Sprint’s products rapidly provide options for consumers to help them make precise and accurate decisions.

Support includes Sprint directing people to a Web site, Manning’s, which features a football trivia game pitting consumers against Manning. Sample question: “Jason Elam’s 63-yard field goal in 1998 tied whose career record: Tom Dempsey, Mark Moseley, Wade Tollison?” A correct answer (Dempsey) may get the visitor a response from Manning such as, “Not bad for a rookie. I’ll be waiting for you.” A wrong answer, or taking too much time, would have Manning reply, “You’re going to have to be faster than that.”

Sprint spent $1.2 billion on media in 2006 and $587 million January-May 2007, per TNS. We will have to keep watch of the statistics on this site. As of today the site is averaging 90 visitors per day and the term “manning’s mind” returned only 36 google search results. Give the internet a couple of days to adjust itself, or just another week for football fans to mentally absorb the domain name and we expect to see these numbers multiply drastically.


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