Fraudsters, Thieves and Cyber Squatters

David Scali, a Las Vegas resident, plead guilty in a Los Angeles federal court yesterday to a single wire fraud charge. The Nevada man was plotting to steal domain names from their rightful owners by using the email address and impersonating a California intellectual property lawyer. Scali was threatening the owners with $100,000 trademark infringement suits unless they transferred ownership of the domain with in 48 hours.

Wire fraud charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years however Scali’s plea bargain reduced the sentence to six months of probation. In addition to the probation, Scali faces fines and will have his computer sage monitored through out the probation period.

Why anyone would transfer domain ownership to a threatening lawyer with netzero email account is beyond us. But then again, it doesn’t take the sharpest tack in the box to think up a domain name that borders on infringment in the first place. Get creative people. Good generic domains that contain or can be applied to highly searched, relevant keywords is where the fun in this domain game lies, not cyber squatting typos like eb4y, amazoon or Yah00.



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