17 Quality Facts About 4-letter Domains

(01) 4-letter domains are currently the shortest .com domain you can hand register

(02) Good 4-letter domain names that are easy to remember are highly sought-after but hard to aquire

(03) 4-letter domain names consist of only letters and are referred to as LLLL.com

(04) 4-character domain names consist of any combination of letter, number and dash and are referred to as CCCC.com

(05) There are 456,976 different combinations of LLLL.com (or 4-letter domains)

(06) There are approximately 1.4 million additional combinations if you include CCCC.com (or 4-character domains)

(07) LLLL.com (or 4-letter domains) are much more highly sought after than CCCC.com (or 4-character domains)

(08) In March of 2006 there were over 100,000 LLLL.coms available

(09) As of August 2007 there are only 17,600 remaining or 95% of all LLLL.com

(10) All LLLL.coms beginining with A,B,C,D,E and S are registered and LLLL Domains starting with K and W are not far behind

(11) Q,X,Y and Z are the least desireable letters for a LLLL.com to contain

(12) All 16 domains containing any combination of all ‘undesireable’ letters are registered

(13) 3 domains tied for the largest LLLL.com sold in 2006 (gays.com, bike.com, blue.com all sold for $500,000 each)

(14) 11 LLLL.coms sold for over $100,000 in 2006

(15) The largest domain sale of 2007 so far was a LLLL.com, it was porn.com ($9.5 million)

(16) 8 LLLL.coms have sold for over $100,000 so far in 2007

(17) According Alexa (the web information company) statistics 11 of the 100 most popular websites on the internet are LLLL.coms. They are:

7- ebay.com

8- live.com

17- imdb.com

23- digg.com

29- veoh.com

43- cnet.com

46- zedo.com

51- dell.com

68- usps.com

75- pogo.com

92- sohu.com


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