Pound, The Other White Me

Have you stumbled upon simpsonizeme.com and created a yellow Springfield version of yourself yet? Fired up the new Tiger Woods 2008 and began creating pixilated a PGA avatar in your likeness? Surely you know someone with a wii who has outfitted you with a giant bobble-headed mii doppleganger? Ever heard of Second Life? It is a fact that people love to create new and alternate versions of themselves.

Meez.com, a website that outfits social networking profiles and blog posts with animated 3D Meez “snapshots,” launched in March of 2006. The site describes itself as an outlet for personalizing web users’ Internet experience. There is something narcissisticly entertaining about going to their site and creating a virtual ‘you’ but are people willing to pay for it? Meez.com thinks so. You can create a basic avatar for free but in order to get those or “whacky” hairstyles or clothing that you really want, you may have to shell out a few dollars. This might sound crazy to most of us but in a society that spent close to $900 million dollars on ringtones last year it just may catch on.

The 18-month old Meez.com returns over 7,000 exact search matches (meez.com) a month and over 700,000 search results for the term “meez” from Google at our last check. Those are some pretty impressive statistics when coupled with the 16,000 unique hits that Meez.com gets daily. Even though Time magazine named Meez.com as “one of the worst 5 websites” (along with eharmony, myspace, secondlife and evite) and although the concept of the website may not appeal to everyone, you would be hard pressed to find someone who would put this short, pronounceable, 4-letter domain in a “worst 5 domain names” list. So without further adieu, here is my Meez:Enjoy,


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