NEW Cakke Picks!


The Cakke Team is back to work after a brief hiatus. We know you are all very anxious for some updated picks and lucky for you, we have a few.We just read an article posted by the Puget Sound Business Journal that said “Washington companies that supply Alaska are gearing up for a potential billion-dollar bonanza, now that Alaska appears likely to go ahead with a massive natural gas pipeline.

The line, which would carry gas south from the Prudhoe Bay oil fields in northern Alaska, would be the state’s largest project since the Alyeska oil pipeline was built in the 1970s, setting off a Northwest boom and transforming Alaska’s economy.”

We were intrigued by they idea of a natural gas pipeline project in Alaska equal or larger in scale than that of the original Aleskya oil pipeline. We guarantee that as soon as this project gets the green light, you will be hearing a lot more about this “billion-dollar bonanza.” So in the name of our great 49th state and the natural resources it provides, we found you the following available domain names:

If you are interested in reading more about the business side of the Alaskan natural gas pipeline project, there is a recent informative article online from Business Week here


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