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A great domain name can surely make you money, but a great domain name that comes equipped with a logo and a tagline is something that commands attention. If you plan on developing, marketing your domain or even just giving it a professional look, a logo is a must. Since every member of the Cakke Team has a background in Advertising, Graphic Design or Marketing we are now offering serious investors the complete package. Consultation and help in choosing the perfect domain name for either investment or your business with full Cakke Score breakdown and evaluation, a tagline that eliminates confusion and tells customers and potential buyers exactly what your domain name is about and what keywords work in harmony with it as well as a full color logo that completes the overall look and feel you want to convey with your domain. If you have questions or interests about this exclusive service offered by the Cakke Team, please contact us at info@Cakke.com.

Here are two examples from our own portfolio of some of the statistical  information and logo presentations that are included with this full service package:


8.5 – rusku.com

tagline: Traditional Russian Cuisine


Rusku, the Chzekoslovakian word for “Russian” returns and astounding 1,800,000+ search results and recieves a very generous appraisal of $2,600. When designing the logo and brainstorming keywords that would work well with this domain we found success within the food industry. By using the term “Russian Cuisine” in the tagline we essentially turned the word rusku into an americanized anagram using familiar and highly searched keywords. Appetizing colors, a beefy font and the image of a soup ladle completes the feel of a domain name that lends itself perfectly to Traditional Russian Cuisine.


8.0 – RicaTours.com

tagline: Costa Rican Eco-Adventures


The tourism industry in Costa Rica is growing at an incredible rate as travelers from all over the world flock to this eco-tourism mecca to experience untainted tropical rainforests, active volcanoes and various exotic species of plants and animals. The Cakke Team just couldn’t pass up a domain name that encompasses Costa Rica’s rapidly growing industry in two short words. “Rica Tours” returns well over 100,000 search results, returned one appraisal in excess of $2,500 and recieved a value of 8.0 on the Cakke Scale. Now complete with a logo, ricatours.com is a domain name the entire Cakke Team is proud to have in our portfolio.


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