More Picks with Pics

After an unexpected day off, the Cakke Team is back and armed with picks. All domains are available as of. 4:30pm EST.steel_beam.jpg 11.0 –

Our first pick for you is a heavy one, weighing in with an overature score of 1290, over 2 million google search results, and 4 archived pages in it’s history… we bring you Anybody who’s been watching the market will tell you that the mining and metal commodities sector is red hot right now. Just in the last month there’s been tons of headlines about BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Alcoa, and their love triangle over Alcan. Not interested? Well know this…China is scarffing up raw metal with the force only a nation with a population of over 1 billion can. So grab up this site before they do.

discount-reseller.jpg 10.5 –

Today’s next pick is another that’s just hemorrhaging potential. This beauty has a HUGE (43,858) overature score, 12,000 google results, one appraisal over $12,000, and the .info is already taken. We can’t figure out why this one isn’t registered already since it pretty much sums up the entire concept of internet businesses, re-selling at a discount. But we can pretty much guarantee you won’t have to sell this cheaper than you bought it.

half-stepper.jpg 8.5 –

What’s a half-step you ask? I believe it was the prophet Phife Dawg in the book of Buggin’ Out who verily said unto thee “I never half-step because I’m not a half-stepper, drink a lot of soda that’s why they call me Dr. Pepper.” With over 690,000 results in google there’s no reason to hesitate on this one.

slimsy1.jpg 8.0 –

This guy is an interesting one. It’s a moderately appraised site, actually appears in the dictionary, has 4 pages of archived history, and a registered .net sister site. It almost has that annoying cute quality of words like flubber and furby. But it kind of makes us think of when we’re playing scrabble and Pound tries making up words just to snag a triple word score. Well, sometimes after we’ve hogtied him and locked him in the closet, we look up the word only to find out it’s in the dictionary too.

psilocybins.jpg 6.0 –

Anybody who’s “experimented” with drugs in college knows that the only thing better than one magic mushroom containing psilocybin is many mushrooms containing psilocybin. Anything that turns television into a 3 dimensional medium w/ out the use of those cheesy 80s glasses can’t be all bad. So pick this one up and run w/ it Mario because the .org is already taken.

scale.jpg 5.5 –

In order for the universe to remain in a state of balance and zen not to be disturbed, everything must have it’s antithesis. So, to the joy of overweight people everywhere…we bring you counterscale. It’s not the highest rated domain on the cakke scale, but this one could just end up waking a sleeping giant.

-Tres Leches

and The Cakke Team


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