pix and sails

Our server has been down for most of the day today but we still managed to find you guys some good picks. This first one was just dropped today and ranks fairly high on the Cakke Scale. If this one is still available when you get around to checking it you should consider adding it to your portfolio.

9.0 – 25sl.com

Over 20,000 search results, high appraisals, 4-letters and 267 backlinks should make 25sl.com a hard domain to pass by. While we look for a new IT guy here are a few more picks the Cakke Team so graciously compiled:

6.5 – frameblock.com
6.0 – sugariest.com
6.0 – deodorised.com

Since we know you just can not get enough Cakke, here is a the of recent 4-letter domain sales that the Team put together for you.

bulk.com      $100,000

lick.com       $60,000

lean.com      $55,000

tart.com       $30,000

kitt.com       $15,000

yabb.com     $10,000

evol.com      $3,000


The Cakke Team


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