Cakke from Across the Pond


Without a doubt, one could easily argue that the internet has done more to shrink the world and the global economy then any invention or advancement since the hula-hoop. Therefore we here at Cakke have decided to state the obvious and drop you a (possibly weekly) blog that directs its attention to the international domain suffix market ( .eu, .fr,. de, etc…). It is a common mistake not to see the woods for the trees that block your view, and in the hunt for the perfect four letter .com, perhaps we are all just blindly wandering around looking for that needle in the haystack when a whole pile of shiny needles is just over in the corner of the room.

An argument ensued in the Cakke War Room when I brought up the notion that the .net, .org, .mobi, (.mobi? Yeah, as if those cell phone things will ever really catch on!) and all the worlds suffix’s will one day be as common as the .com’s of today.

“No Way!” came blasting at me from across that long mahogany table.

“The .com extension will always be the worthier investment!” Pound barked.

I remember saying the exact same thing about Beta Max tape players, and at the time many agreed. Now what do I do with all these Beta Chuck Norris movies? How about this one… remember when everyone in your neighborhood had the same area code? Simply put, the world is growing and the .com will not stand the test of time alone. No, this mighty giant will fall into rank soon enough. Here is some recent evidence of the coming tides from DN Journal. sold for $957,937.00 USD (Nutrition in German) sold for $33,992.00 sold for $33,992.00 sold for $23,900.00

Ever wonder who had the amazing foresight to buy domains like,,,,, etc? Well I have no idea, but I can tell you with great certainty that these same folks have gazed into their tea cups, read the leaves, and started buying the best international domains well before I ever figured it out. Day late and a dollar short is a trap we have all fallen into. This is your wakeup call! Let’s take a look at what is available out there internationally and let’s see if I will one day be victorious in my premonition. Finally then I will get my chance to throw the ol’ “I told you so” back at all my nay-sayers. Man is that gonna feel good.

Next week you can expect at least five international domain picks from the Cakke Team, and by golly someone is going to thank me when this is all through. By the way, remember the vinyl LP? Yeah those were pretty hot once too. Has your kid ever seen one? Nuff Said.

Black Forest OUT.


-Cakke Team


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