Pick it like it’s Thursday

It has been a good week for the Cakke Team because of all the views and enthusiastic responses we have gotten from you guys. We appreciate your loyalty. Keep on coming back and we will keep on feeding you Cakke. Now the moment that has taken a week to get here: Thursday’s available domain picks, all of them in the dictionary. Enjoy. All domains available as of 3:45pm EST.

11.5 – sumacs.com

Rhus is a genus of approximately 250 species of flowering plants, commonly referred to as sumac. Some species included in this genus that we may be painfully aware of are poison-oak, poison sumac and the ever popular (our favorite) poison ivy. Wonderful Villainess too. Sumacs are of course the plural of sumac and the term returns from Google with over 52,000 search results. Sumacs.com is the highest Cakke scale valued, available domain that we have offered to you yet. This is not one that will forgive hesitation as it produces a very generous score of 11.5 Generously high appraisals and 11 archived sumacs.com pages further reinforce our top pick of the week. If the Mighty Thor sees fit to allow you to be the lucky first to read this post then we think you know what you need to do.

11.0 – protesten.com

We told you we were going to work extra hard for you this week and we meant it. At 11.0 on the Cakke scale, protesten.com now officially ranks as the second highest Cakke scale valued, available domain that we have offered to you. According to our in-house German Kitsch & Language Expert, Black Forrest, ‘protesten’ is the German word meaning “people who protestit also has reference to specifically “anti-globalization activists”, so it is no surprise that protesten.eu has already been spoken for. Previously we have not suggested any domain extensions besides .com but in this case we feel .de would make a great addition if you are already there registering protesten.com. It doesn’t really matter if you have something to protest or not when the term returns a mind-numbing 2,080,000 (yes that would be million) Google results. Achtung Baby!

8.5 – heartstruck.com

Both Merriam and Webster describe the term heart-struck as “Driven to the heart; infixed in the mind. Shocked with pain, fear or remorse; dismayed; heart-stricken.” Not one of the most chipper domain names in the world but you are not investing in ‘happy’ words you are investing in words that have potential. Heart-struck, as sad as it may be, is a word with a meaning and more importantly heartstruck.com is a domain with potential. Heartstruck.com is showing 40 archived pages between 2001 and 2007 which means you have a great chance of seeing some residual traffic to this domain. We feel that this is one that will surely not last long.

7.0 – multifoiled.com

Whenever my colleague, Tres Leches, asks me how I keep my leftover pizza tasting so fresh the next day I tell him it’s because the pizza is multifoiled in the fridge. You may think this is a bid ridiculous but you would be pleasantly surprised how those extra few layers of foil really hold in that “fresh from the pizzeria” flavor until well beyond the next day. I was surprised at how popular multifoiling pizza must be when the term came off the Cakke scale wearing a handsome 7.0. Thanks to Tres Leches having at least some primordial knowledge of the Spanish Culture, as well as the ability to do a Wikipedia search, he educated the entire Cakke Team in the Spanish architectural detail known as the ‘multifoil arch’. It just goes to show you that sometimes words really do have more than one meaning and multifoiled’s definitions does not end with pizza and architecture. Multifoiled.com is also sporting some nice appraisals and a healthy archive so give it a look.

“BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!” Because we love you a whole bunch, we give you an additional four (YES FOUR!) picks.

8.0 – extricates.com

7.0 – drivelling.com

6.0 – lamish.com

6.0 – buffable.com

We hope you guys had a chance to register some of these quality picks. If you like what we are doing here then tell someone. Us, a friend, your neighbor, that creepy guy with the dirty tooth at the gas station, just share the Cakke. We will bakke more!


Pound and the entire Cakke Team.


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