Timmy’s Trainwrecks

Here at Cakke we usually like to stick to the analysis of domain names that would make for a good investment. From time to time we even spotlight a newly registered successful domain name that shows just how much of a valuable investment these little gems can be. Infrequently, we also showcase a domain name thunk up by our breakfast delivery guy. His name is Timmy and he forgot my creamcheese again today. Timmy occasionally compiles while we choke down our first meal of the day. Without any further stalling, we bring you:

Timmy’s Trainwrecks


Every now and then when we’re sitting at the Cakke brainstorming table spitting out possible domain names like a Cray super computer (ok, would you believe a TI graphing calculator?), Timmy mentions a domain name that leaves our mouths agape like a 23 car rush-hour pile up. These domains are considered ‘persona non grata’ by many domain speculators and recieved about as well as an unsigned paycheck. Timmy’s Trainwreck for this installment is richardtherapist.com. Go ahead, read it again… richardtherapist.com.

It took a few members of the Cakke team two or three reads before they let loose with a barrage of bagel and sesame seed shrapnel. We came up with some interesting thoughts after analyzing this domain our little Timmy gave us.When it comes to trainwreck domain names, it’s not the name that’s the problem, it’s the content. Richard’s problem is that he registered possibly one of the funniest domains we have seen in some time but he is playing the site straight. With the right type of humor filled content this site could be contending with hotchickswithdouchebags.com. We just don’t get it. Thanks for the info Timmy and as for Richard, what were you thinking?


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  1. Black FoRest on

    I was out of the office for one day on very important business I might add, and I manage to not only miss bagel day at the CaKke-ateria but Timmy’s new Domain pick as well.

    I think I speak for the masses when I say that the CaKke Team prides itself in that we work very diligently in order to provide you with thoroughly researched Domain names that either are, or will become available, and that offer interesting investment opportunities for you, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

    Hey good news Doctor, we here at CaKke have found the perfect solution and regardless of its coveted CaKke Score this little ditty will demand a pretty penny if you do not get it first. Try this on for size, richardthetherapist.com! Catchjy and available too.

    If only he had emailed us. Jeesh!

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