Cakke Gets Some Props

The Cakke Team was e-mailed a scan of an article from Advertising Age magazine today. You know that little marketing and media publication that’s been around for 75 years and reaching an audience somewhere in the neighborhood of 697,000? They did an article about Trevor the Mentos Intern. Remember him? The future Mentos CEO stationed in Erlanger, KY who is holding down the chewy mint fort and more than willing to fire off a warning shot from a canon at nearby competition. We wrote a post about him last week that went over pretty well and good ole’ Ad Age decided to not only mention us, but quote some domain name statistics compiled by the hard working Cakke Team. Marketing and Agency Executives rank Advertising Age as the #1 most credible editorial so it’s really quite endearing that Ad Age chose Cakke as a quote source for domain name information.We want to let our Cakke fans know that we will be working extra hard this week to get you guys some top level available domain picks….  so stay tuned.

Click below to read the article:

Image and article courtesy of Ad Age Magazine. All Rights Reserved.

If you haven’t already, take a second to digg “The Great American Mentos Intern” story, you’ll be happy you did.



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