Monday Drops

We know you just can’t get enough, so we are uping the ante to 3 expring domain names for each day of the week. To sum it up all of the following domains have a Cakke score between 10.0 and 13.0, so if you are lucky enough to be one of the quick then register any or all of the following and if you want a specific Cakke score for one of the domains, ask us and you’ll get it.



We are fairly confident that everyone will recognize the word “agaze.” Here’s a hint: The word is in the English dictionary and it doesn’t have anything to do with the founding members of Color Me Badd. It means “eyes open and fixed as if in fear or wonder.” I guess it does have something to do with boybands after all. We recently found out that VH1 will be airing a new show called Man Band in which washed up members of 90’s boybands come together to form Sureshot, a superpower of flame grilled has-beens cat-fighting and pretending some 14-year old girl actually gives a shit that they still exist.

We have absolutely no idea what the word “intog” means because we were busy steel brushing our corneas after watching the VH1 trailer of Manband to do any research on the origins of the word intog. Here’s what we do know: It’s short. It’s pronounceable. It could appeal to the international gangster inside all of us and it returns 733,000 google search results so go get it, it must mean something to someone.

Finally, on the list of domains dropping on Tuesday we have This one is a real keeper. I only need to tell you 2 things about this word before you rush out to immediately register it. 1) It is an Italian word meaning “yours” 2) It returns over 31 MILLION google results!



I wasn’t sure of the definition, so I asked a couple of people what exaclty they thought a changekey was. The first person I asked was wikipedia and he told me it’s a key on the lowest level of a master keying system, or a specialized key used to change the combination setting of a combination lock, blah, blah blah. Unconvinced by wikipedia’s boring and blatant misuse of the term “changekey, ” I asked Steve, who happens to know way more than wikipedia. He told me a story about being stuck to a chair for 3 long hours in a Bangledashi hash bar and gypsies trolling around trying to sell little trinkets. When one of the gypsies came over to Steve to sell him a little monkey made entirely of Indian Rupees, he realized he realized he still couldn’t move his arms and his wallet was lying on the table. Completely helpless, Steve just stared at his wallet while the Gypsy helped herself, leaving the coin primate in return for all of Steve’s American money. To be honest, I didn’t believe a word Steve said until he showed me his changekey. So if you know a trinket making gypsy that’s looking to expand her business onto the web, then she could be the perfect end user for

Some people might try and get all fancy and try and use a big word like “gutter” but round here we call em rainspouts. The gragoyles of Notre Dame are actually rainspouts. The word “gargoyle” comes from the French word “gargouiller” which means “to gargle.” The rainspout tends to make a gargling sound when water passes through it. Keep that in mind the next time your 3 year old son wakes up and says he had a dream he was being chased by the gutter.

There is not a whole lot to say about the word “textblock.” It’s a pretty common word and if you have ever read a paragraph, then you have seen one. If you wake up Wednesday morning and this little beaut is available, grab it or you’ll regret it everytime you a see couple of sentences together.



There are close to half a million registered domain name with somes variation of hideout or hideouts in the name. The reason being that hideouts are so very important. The only thing cooler than a hideout is a fort, and the only thing cooler than a fort is a sugar shack. Remember this the next time your uncle rips all the cushions off your moms couch and hides in his scothc-guarded fort until dessert. He is only doing it because he has to. Instead of making fun, next time knock on his ottoman door and ask if you can come in and help patrol the livingroom hideout.

We thought “flopover” was really an interesting word and of course thought it had serious potential or we just wouldn’t have listed it here. Once again we knew the word existed but had no idea what it meant. This time we decided to ask the dictionary. The dicitonary responded by saying a flopover was “a page-turning visual effect, a transition from one image to another in television that gives an effect similar to turning over a page in a book. We asked Steve again also but he told us a story about a free-balling mishap that happened in high school that is just too long to repeat here.

We thought we were way off base when agreed to list nifties here. I mean seriously, is the plural of nifty really nifties? Don’t get me wrong I love the word nifty. We would probaly trade (if we owned it) for but Nifties is actually a legitimate word. The dicitionary puts it this way. “noun. A nifty person or thing, especially a clever joke.” Well choke me out and put a lemon in my mouth, who knew? With 24,000 google search results and a very respectable appraisal I bet you could even coax your uncle out of his pillow protected hideout for a crack at this one.



Unlike the word “nifites” we found no evidence to support that there is a plural form of the word “vacant” in the dictionary. 2,840,000 search results tell us that there is something much deeper to this word anyway. There seems to be some mystery surrounding a late 70’s punk band by the name of The Vacants. They have only one album, conflicting members and a very elusive biography but rumor has it that their drummer Martin Question was actually Martin Chambers who later went on to drum for the Pretenders. Like most people on the planet we have a great deal of respect for the music that came out of the late 70’s punk scene but realistically I doubt that the band has much relevance to the value of this domain name. You would no doubt have much better success selling a domain name like this to an end user who had some sort of apartment, last minute hotel or property location service.

Focus groups are big business for marketing, advertising, and scientific agencies looking to test a particular service, product or concept. Without even trying we found 10 different focus group panels you can sign up for online and they will call you when they have something near your area for you to smell or taste or rub on the calluses of your feet. With names like, and we think could slip right in with the rest of these names and earn some big bucks while doing it. We didn’t pay a group of people to sit around and tell us if was a good domain or not. We just asked the Cakke scale and it said “Hell Yeah!”

I don’t know about you but anytime I router something and then screw it up, I router it again… that’s right, I rerouter it. If you think that you’re perfect and you can routeranything on the first try then you are a much better person than me and the other 20,000 people that are interested in rerouting after we make a mistake. The term “rerouter” is all about unforgiving wood and human error. The term rerouter could also have to do with redirecting website traffic but they don’t sell website traffic at Home Depot now do they?


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