A Side of Extra Q


Another productive day picking ripe domains I see. 4 out of 5 of our picks registered again within 24 hours. We must be doing something right, or maybe our readers are just the type of people who enjoy scooping up their dates at last call. Regardless, much like one of Chinaski’s conquests, we’re beginning to feel a bit used. Maybe we should re-evaluate our business plan. We were going to give you all a bunch of acronyms for some 4-letter domains today but the taste of bottle fermented ale is still swilling around my uvula and the thought of all those “Q’s” is making me a bit queasy. So we are just giving you a list. That’s it. No acronyms. No Cakke score. Just a list. This is what is available in the 4-letter department today. Enjoy.








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