Thursday’s Picks with Pics

We did recieve an e-mail yesterday for the Cakke 10.0 pick. In case you were up all night wondering about the it, the pick was and it a has since been registered by the lucky winner so you can stop sending in “tell me” e-mails now. And what are you worried about? Today is Thursday so we are going to tell you a bunch of good picks to register anway. The Cakke Team scoured the internet hard this week to really get you ungrateful bastards some quality picks. And just to spice things up a bit we added pictures. You want them? You got them. Here are the picks:

6.0 –

Did you know they make a special fork for just for fondue? I guess it makes sense. You would be elbow deep in molten cheese if it weren’t for the mega-mind that came up with a fondue fork. Think about what a revolutionary break through this was. How could people possibly fondue without the aid of these little beauties. It also appears that you can’t buy just one, they come in groups of 4 or 6… you know why? Because NOBODY fondues alone!


The term “fondue fork” returns 13,300 well earned google search results and gets a great score from the Overture Keyword Tool. Along with a 6.0 on the Cakke scale, obviously has some potential. The art of fondue is alive and well friends and nobody’s doin it without a fondue fork.

6.5 –

America loves abbreviating… you know why? Because it saves so much damn time. Back in the day you would have had to chase down a bird, pull a feather and mash up some berries if you wanted to write something down. Who’s got time for that? Not us, we have domain spreadsheets to compare. Everything is shorthand now… “Hey Doug thanks for the kidney”…NP bro I got another 1, but U kno what is a P? Me typing an extra 7 letters so you can understand what the hell I’m talking about. With this I propose we add the words “orchs” to our vocabulary in place of “orchestra. 1 syllable, that’s it. You save time writing and speaking. Do you like classical music? I hae some great orchs cd’s you can borrow. Try it, you’ll like it. 


 Whether it is a true abbreviation or not, is still a keeper in our book. It is short, pronounceable gets some pretty nice appraisal values and has a handful of archived pages in the wayback machine. 6.5 on the Cakke scale and we would pick up a half second before the fondue fork.  

7.5 –

You know what “rusty” is in spanish? You do now, it’s “mohoso.” I have no idea how to say trombone but I do know potential, its… We are generally not big on foriegn word domains, mostlly because we only speak English, but this generic spanish word has a nice ring to it. Are you a little rusty on your spanish? Try  


One of the main reasons we like this spanish word is that it actually shows up in Overture… which means people are actually searching for the word. With 60,000 google search results, nice appraisal values and a Cakke score of 7.5 we think is a great pick. 

7.5 –  

Bottom line, do you think a company would be interested in using “strive for weakness” as a slogan? Do you think anyone would be wearing yellow rubber bracelets if they said “live frail”? Hell no. Everyone wants to be strong. Strength is a quality that everyone wants… physical strength… mental strength… financial strength. Where am I gonna go if I want to be strong? The gym? Nope…  


 If you go to google right now and type in “make strong” you are going to see over 600,000 results. The potential here for someone to want bad enough to shell out some decent money is pretty good. Cakke scales says 7.5 and we agree… looks like a good investment to us.

8.0 –

Do you remember the word that Sprite made up? Limon. It was suppose to be a mixture of a lime and a lemon. As it turns out, they were almost using a real word. Limonin is a real live substance found in orange, lemon and lime seeds.


Almost 100,000 results, a wikipedia entry and an Overature entry forced us to really look at the numbers on this domain and give it the highest Cakke score of the day. could potentially relate to anything citrus. If you already new about limonin then good for you brainiac, if not, you know about it now. No excuse, go register it before Sprite does.


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  1. Benny on

    Damn, someone grabbed up I saw some real potential in that one. I guess if you hesitate for a second you end up with cakke all over your face. Thanks for the addition of the photos cakke team, you guys rock!

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