We’ve gone a little off track this week with the contests and talking about Trevor so we thought we would try and focus a little bit and get you guys some domain name related news.

The press release headline reads “The Rush Begins Again.” This self-inflicted media wound is refering to Dotworld.net, a UK based “concept technology company.” Dotworld suggests that with over 70 million .com domains already registered, there is very little left to interest individuals or business. We disagree, but ok, we’ll play along and pretend there isn’t a creative mind left in the universe. Geez, dotworld, what are we gonna do now? They say “a complete lack of choice” has led to some interesting alternatives. Oooh tell us more. They go on to say that they have released new Top Level Domains and they are available for free. For free? Ok, now we are interested, what’s the deal? Where do we sign up?

Through Dotworld, you can register a domain with any extension you can think of for free. With some of their incredibly thought provoking suggestions like http://www.my.diary or http://www.punk.rocker sitting there on the page, mocking us, we were eager to get started. Without hestiation, the entire Cakke Team was in. As fast as we could type we were registering names like loans.web, autos.web and houses.web. Then we started slowing down as our eyes came back in to focus and dreams began to fade. Wait a minute… How does Dotworld.net have the ability to release any domain extension? Why does their domain name end with .net and not a .domain, or .punkrocker or whatever else they are trying to push on me? I’ll tell you why. Because no one on the planet would be able to see their site if it ended in .matrix.

You see, even though we registered such priceless generic terms as computers.web and apartments.web and we have 1 year ownership of them, the only way you will be able to access them is if you go to Dotworld.net and download their “special” web software. You know why? Because all these names are on their internal server! Bullshit, you can have your magic beans back. We don’t want them. How did we miss the cute little banner at the top of their site telling us to upgrade our browser in order to see dotworld extensions? There is no value to these names at all unless the entire free world downloads dotworld software? People don’t even want to use .net extensions and this company is going to change the way the world uses the internet? We think not. Now they are trying to convince me that there aren’t any .coms left?

Just because Dotworld.net’s think tank couldn’t find a suitable .com doesn’t mean you can’t. Keep coming back here to Cakke. We’ll find them for you. If you want an incredible domain name that 8 people will see or maybe you want to impress your coworkers and neighbors with your witty http://www.yellowpolka.bikini blog then go get a .whatever or a .somethingorother. If you are looking for a domain as a potential investment that generates traffic… stick to the .coms.


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  1. Jason Holloway on

    dotworld sounds like a bunch of .communists to me.

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