The Great American Mentos Intern

When you get to work and you plop yourself down in front of your computer, does anyone really know what you do? I mean, I’m sure you have projects and deadlines and meetings but if you decided to zone out in front of a picture of a cat dressed up like a mime with a caption written in broken English for 20 minutes, would anyone be the wiser? What if you had a late night watching food network, or trouble getting to sleep, maybe a few too many black and tans, you get to work a little groggy and swollen eyed only to find 3,000 people critiquing your every move all vying for a chance to tell you what to do? 3 or 4 bosses is hard enough but you have got to be some kind of “super employee” to appease the needs of thousands of bosses. This may sound like a nightmare to some of us but for Trevor the Mentos Intern it is a dream job and he wouldn’t give it up for the world.


Trevor is the real life “Truman Burbank” of Mentos. For five days a week, 8 hours a day anything he does can (and will) be seen via a live webcam here. You can chat live with him, call him, give him tasks to do or just stare into his eyes. I’m thinking about having him write Friday’s post here so that the Cakke Team can all take the day off. This 19 year old subservient intern’s sole purpose is to your work for you. He will order your lunch, prank your friend, proofread your paper and I’m sure he would be more than willing to order that domain name for you, tell you what he thinks it is worth or even give you a few domain name picks of his own.


So why am I talking to you about is the fastest growing domain name we have ever seen. 2 years ago, if I asked you to tell me something about Mentos, you would probably look at, me smile and say “The Freshmaker.” 6 months ago, I’m sure you would misquote some Mythbuster’s physics about the chemical properties of diet coke and that tasty little mint. And rightfully so. The term “freshmaker” returns over 200,000 google results ant the string of text “Mentos and Diet Coke” a whopping 106,000 results. What about Trevor the Mentos Intern? Have you heard of him yet? Google has. “Trevor the Mentos Intern” already returns over 30,000 search results. has only been live for a month now and it gets thousands of hits a day, is featured on hundreds of blogs and even found a spot in Star magazine. We are willing to bet it is only a couple of weeks before we see Trevor sitting next to Jimmy Kimmel.


Go visit Trevor, tell him Cakke says hello and give him something to do or ask him about domains. (We’re willing to bet he knows his stuff) And Trevor, if it doesn’t work out with Mentos, give us a call over here at Cakke. We don’t pay anything but at least you can stare at cute cat pictures all day without 3,000 bosses giving you any shit.  



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    […] it, national television recognition and Mentos even embraced the phenomenon sending their very own Trevor the Mentos Intern to accpet an award presented by Guiness Book of World Records for the “most Mentos and Coke […]

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