Well, once again, all of the Cakke picks (with the exception of have been registered mere hours after they were put up on the site. All of us here at Cakke are very excited about the gaining interest of the site in the past few weeks. We are now working even harder to find you more qualtiy available domain names. Today we decided to try something just a little bit different. A contest. Oh man, everyone loves a contest. What do I win? What do I have to do?Here is what you win. The Cakke Team will send you a personal e-mail with an available domain PICK (not the actual registered domain) off our personal list along with a Cakke scale break down of the name. The name is a generic english word and it is in the dictionary with a Cakke score of a 10.5. This domain has the most potential of any that we have put up on Cakke in the past. This domain returns over 170,000 google rsults. This domain name will not be listed on Cakke, we will send the pick to one person. Are you curious yet? Do you want to be that person? Do you want this generic domain name?

Here is what you have to do. We also have a qualtiy available domain name pick for you guys today. It is a five letter word, an 8.0 on the Cakke scale, has decent appraisal, it’s in the wayback archive with over 10 pages and returns over 40,000 google results. It is also a fairly popular first name in Eastern Europe. The pick is:

8.0 –

The first person to register and e-mail the Cakke Team with proof of registration will receive the personal e-mail with our 10.0 generic word Cakke pick. So get to it. Let’s see how fast we can make this happen.

We hope everyone is enjoying there Cakke experience. If there is anything you would like to see at Cakke that we don’t have or provide for you, drop us a note at We are all pretty friendly here. With the exception of Kurt.


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  1. susan on

    ha, yeah that kurt is a real dick.

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