Dropping This Week (7/9 – 7/13)

So, as I’m sure all of you know today is the post that is devoted to the domain names that are scheduled to be deleted this week. It’s a fan favorite, I’m sure. Thursday and Friday’s posts of our picks for available domain names seems to be the choice posts though. We went to update the available names on the Cakke list this morning and they were all registered. Everyone of the food related domains that we suggested on thursday has been, pardon the pun, gobbled up. I suppose it could have been sheer coincidence that names like BroccoliQuiche.com and CelerySalad.com were registered shortly after the Cakke Team post or….. you guys are actually enjoying and using the suggestions and information you are getting from this site. Either way, we are excited our selections are being registered however, we have a problem… the Cakke List is empty. I know you guys can’t possibly wait until Thursday for a few more availble domain picks…so here you go. An unscheduled 6 more available domains! On a Monday, no less. You people appeared to have liked the food related domains so much, we’ll keep the theme going today. More celery and saffron for you hungry folks. Eat up.

7.5 – CeleryGreen.com

6.5 – CeleryPowder.com

6.5 – CeleryFacts.com

7.0 – SaffronPrices.com

7.0 – SaffronRecipe.com

6.5 – SaffronSauce.com

And now back to our regulary scheduled post:Domain names dropping this week.


13.0 – shat.com

It just so happens that there is a domain name dropping tomorrow, Tuesday, that I absolutely love! I am sure you will all love it also. Feel free to buy this domain for me. My birthday is next month and I would want nothing more than to be the proud owner of shat.com According to dictionary.com there are 14 different definitions for the beloved “shat.” According to Wikipedia, shat refers to the past tense of shit. Brilliant. This little piece of slang has actually worked it’s way into a permanent place in our dictionary. Webster would be so proud! Not the adopted son of George Poppadopalous, mind you but Meriram’s buddy, Noah Webster. Well for shats and giggles we ran it through the Rube Goldberg Cakke machine and out pooped the number 13.0. According to the Cakke scale, shat.com should be as popular as iphone.com. So if you are feeling generous and have a couple extra thousand to spend in the domain aftermarket, hook us up. The next logical step after Cakke would be Shat.

11.5 – sublists.com

You know what I love, I mean really, really love? Making lists. I don’t know why. I just love it. I come up with an excuse to make a list or a graph for anything. If you are a list connoisseur like me, you know that lists can quickly get out of control. This is where sublists come in.Say, for example, you are going camping. You need to make a list of all the crap you need to bring with you, right? I mean you don’t want to get out in the wilderness and forget your flint. Even Bear Grylls wouldn’t make it a day without his flint. Anyway, so you got your list of things to pack for your camping trip…. sleeping bag, tent, flint, air conditioner, radio, clothes, food…. wait a minute… clothes….food. Which clothes? What food should I birng?…. Exaclty…. you need a SUBLIST! I think you see where I am going here people. A sublist is a very important thing. So important in fact that it shows up with over 209,000 results on google. A very generic term and we see great potential for sublists.com. If you can pick it up, do it. This domain will probably sell for some decent cash in the next few weeks.


10.0 – destroyable.com

People don’t always like domain names with a negative connotation. I’m sure that ambitious.com and constructive.com would be more desireable than unenthusiastic.com and usless.com in the same way that indestructible.com would hold more potential than destroyable.com but, guess what? Neither ambitious, constructive, unenthusiastic, uselss nor indestructible.com will be available this Wednesday. Destroyable.com will. The generic word is in the dictionary, has a 120,000 plus search results and could pertain to just about anything. 10.0 is a score with great potential on the Cakke scale and the Cakke scale doesn’t lie. Except that time the Cakke scale told me I didn’t appear to be going bald. But that’s a different story. Destroyable.com look for it and leap on it.


11.5 – carfares.com

How much would a limo be from JFK to Midtown? A taxi from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami? You want to compare the prices of different rental car companies you say? This all sounds like a job for carfares.com. This domain name appears to have just been parked in the past but it would certainly make a great site if developed correctly. You could really market a domain like this for anything car related and I’m willing to be dollars to doghnuts that it gets some pretty decent type in traffic as well.


10.0 – partywise.com

Do you have an idea what the term partwise means? Neither did we. I thought it meant pacing yourself while drinking. You know, partying wise. Don’t drink and drive. Always bring a six-pack, don’t mix uppers and downers, liquor before beer but when we asked google about partywise you know what he said? 190,000 different things… and none of them about beer pong or thumper. No, google was telling us something much different… something about politics and India. If you know anything about the upcoming Indian election then you probably already know about the term partywise and don’t need us telling you it is a high potential domain. Then again, if you know someone who’s producing beer drinking safety equipment, then this may also be the domain for you.

10.5 – afterbirths.com

This Friday also happens to be Friday the 13th. When you think about Friday the 13th you may think about full moons and weird things happening but we think about Jason Voorhees patroling the shores of Crystal Lake Camp with a hunting knife. What does a gutted camp counselor hanging from the rafters have to do with afterbirths? Well, aside from the fact that they are both bloody and make us a little squeemish, nothing really. But wouldn’t this be the perfect domain name for a site to put all those placenta recipes on that you have laying around? We thought so too.


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