Cakke’s Friday 4-Letter Domains

I know, I know the day you have all been waiting for. It is finally here. Cakke’s Friday 4-Letter Domain list. So get some milk and enjoy the Cakke.

6.5 –

Ok we saw NCZN and of course living in the united states our first instinct was North Carolina something, something, but it wasn’t really going anywhere. Zn…hmmmm… of course… Zinc! Where would the world be without Zinc? Then we realized there were several Zinc mines in North Carolina. That’s perfect. Guess where else there are Zinc mines…Northern Canada. “Canadian Zinc” returns 38,000 google results. So there you go, take your pick. North Carolina Zinc or North Canadian Zinc, both are applicable and I’m sure every Zinc mine in North America has been looking for that perfect 4-letter domain.

6.0 –

Immediately we saw Virgin Islands in the VI and maybe you did too. I’m sure there is good money to be made with Virgin Island tourism domains but SQVI? What could it be? Square Virgin Islands? Stock Qoute Virgin Islands… maybe. Are there really that many stock brokerages in the Virgin Islands? We don’t know but we couldn’t find an overwhelming amount. We put the “Virgin Island” thought on the backburner and mulled over some other possibilities for VI. Then we came across something called “value investing.” Value investing is a style of investment strategy in which companies shares appear to underpriced. Is it very popular? Well, google likes it more than a million times. Stock Quote Value Investing… it wasn’t an hour ago but SQVI is an acronym now.

5.5 –

Did you know that Jacksonville is the largest city in the state of Florida with a population of 794,555? There are actually 9 different newspapers found in Jacksonville. Now JX doesn’t stand for much but in the continental 50 it most certainly stands for Jacksonville so why wouldn’t they need a Montly or even Metropolitan Jacksonville Update (MJXU)? I didn’t know it right away until I asked my friend Wikipedia but apparently JX also an operating system…. a microkernel operating system implementing java to be exact. Do I smell Multimedia JX User? Ok, so the Java user website may be a bit of a stretch but I still like the Monthly Jacksonville Update and I’m sure at least a few of the 794,555 residents of Jacksonville would agree.

5.5 –

This one is actually my favorite of the 4-letter domains this week but it contains an RX (prescription acronym) and from last week remains unregistered so I am a bit skeptical about the popularity of this one. Here it goes anyway…. Family Prescription Journal. Those 3 words are very popular together and it looks good too, no? At least I didn’t close out the week with French X-ray Jobs.

So go register some domains and get them quick because the shorties go fast and don’t forget to tell your friends how much you love Cakke.


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