Cakke’s Thursday Domain List

We hope you guys are hungry today because we have 5 food related picks. All names are available as of 4:00pm EST.

7.5 –

This food domain ranked the highest of the five we analyzed and it would also be the one that we would most like to eat right now. Lots of google returns, high on the overature selector and the Cakke scale liked the name at a 7.5. tops the list with high marks and great potential.

7.0 –

I love saffron and I love risotto and the Cakke scale must love giving it a solid 7.0. I wonder how many people direct type words like this looking for recipes?

7.0 –

Yes, we know the plural of spinach is spinach. We don’t really see much resale value in but there is a great possibility of type in traffic here. So if you plan on parking a domain and relying on type in traffic, this could be the one for you. 7.0 on the Cakke scale is a huge score for a typo.

6.5 –

Come on, you have to love this one. Sauteed Zuchini returns over 30,000 google hits and ranks pretty high on the overature keyword selector. Some potential resale value here but we see more potential in the type in traffic.

6.0 –

Are you getting hungry yet? All of these domain names ranked very similarly on the Cakke scale. There is some real good potential here for any of these sites to see steady traffic. The odds of an end user buying one of these sites may not be that great but these are all pretty common food items and there are plenty of recipes out there for all of them so buy one, park it and put a recipe on it.


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