The difference between a “D” and an “F”

When it comes to high school algebra, the difference is a full letter grade. When it comes to domain names, the difference could be $10,000 or more, as was the case with the recent sales of and the very similar

17.0 – $11,840

10.0 –  $1,770

Although these two domainsare both rare prounceable 4-letter domains, the statistics on each are vey different. To start with, returns a solid 220,000 google search results, where as returns a staggering 4,590,000 results. Those are pretty impressive search results for, a word that only shows up in the dictionary as a suffix and an acronym for Priority-Oriented Demand Assignment. With a little more investigation poda also shows up as the existing name of several companies, an island in Thailand, and a few spanish verbs. On the other hand, pofa shows up as a handful of different acronyms and translates to customer, jaw, muzzle and a few other words in Hungarian. Even on the Cakke scale recieves and extra 7 points over I wonder what the statistical differences between and would be. We’ll have to put those two on the Cakke scale and get back to you. Any guesses?

Some other recent domain sales and their Cakke scores:

15.0 – $13,500

14.0 –  $2,272

11.5 –  $2,600


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