Dropping This Week

There are some really impressive domain names dropping this week. The 4 that we found all have great potential and we wouldn’t be a bit suprised to see several people go after them and wind up at auction. If you like going after an expiring domain then I would put your backorders in now for these.

Tuesday, July 3

17.0 – bobbin.com This domain name is just perfect. It’s in the dictionary, great overature score, several years of archive. We see so much potential in this name we gave it a 17.0 on the Cakke scale. We aren’t saying it is going to fetch over $100,000 but mid to high $xx,xxx is very possible. We will look for this one in the weeks to come on the top domain sales list. If you happen to be the lucky one to pick this name up, let us know which service you used to catch it.

Wednesday, July 4

10.0 – intercharge.com Great generic domain name, could relate to many different things. Again, several years of archive, very generous appraisals. Intercharge.com looks like a great investment if picked up for the right price.

Thursday, July 5

10.0 – upmove.com Another 10.0 on the Cakke scale. Definately the best looking drop that we have found of the day. upmove.com is one of those short, 2-word combo domains that has potential to suprise everyone and really bring some major bids at auction.

Friday, July 6

14.5 frisby.com At first glance it looked like a typo domain, but with google returning over 2 million results we knew there had to be more to it. Well frisby is an acronym, several company names, a slew of last names, and a village to name a few. Frisby also returns 4 entries in Wikipedia. So if you missed out on bobbin.com, put a bid in for frisby.com because according to the Cakke scale it’s the next best thing this week.


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