Cakke Weekly Schedule


We will focus Monday’s posts on the expiring domains for that week. We will pick one expiring domain for each day of the week that we feel has some great potential. We’ll give each expiring domain a Cakke score and hopefully some you will be able to drop catch a few.


On Tuesdays we’ll post some top domain sales from the previous week, give them a Cakke score and try and figure out why those domains fetched the big bucks.


Wedensdays will be a day for us to share some recent domain related news and links.


We will continue to post our favorite available domain names with Cakke scores on Thursdays so hopefully you guys can pick up some good ones.


Fridays will be our day to review available 4-letter domain names. We’ll pick 4 or 5 give them a Cakke score and try and come up with an anagram or two that relates to that domain. 

If you picked up a domain name as a result of something you read on here drop us a note and let us know and if you just like Cakke, then digg us.


Cakke Team


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