Cakke’s Friday 4-Letter Domains is a site devoted strictly to 4-letter domain names and puts out a daily list of the dropped 4-letter names. We went throught the list of the 30 names that were dropped yesterday and 6 had already been re-registered. You have to be quick to get a good because there’s lot to choose from when it comes to 4-letter domains Since pronounceable 4-letter domains have extinct for some time and usually sell for thousands on domain aftermarket auctions, it’s all come down to the 4-letter anagram. All domains are available as of 4:00pm EST.

6.5 –

We came up with a couple of anagrams for ekjp. The first one could go a couple of ways. We really liked the “jp” at the end of the name because it lends itself very nicely to be an abbreviation for “jackpot”. So now it’s a matter of coming up with the anagram for “ek”. Eastern Kansas or Eastern Kentucky? Kansas and Kentucky are both powerball states and I don’t see them using a specific lotto site for the eastern part of the state. Both Kentucky and Kansas do have horse tracks though, so this name may be suitable for a horse race jackpot event in either state. The other anagram we saw in was Eastman Kodak Japan. Does Kodak need a specific domain for their Japanese market? Yes, and they do its, but we think would suit them much better.

6.0 –

There are a million online pharmacy sites offering anything from vitamins to viagra, is there really a need for another one? If there is then would be a perfect name: rx (prescription) gw (gatweay). your gateway to online medicine…. kind of catchy, don’t you think? Of course it has one of the dreaded 4 letters for domains (QXYZ) we still like it’s potential enough to give it 6.0.

5.5 –…. our first instict was to go with New Mexico, something, something. Video jockey? Video Journalist? Hmm… New Mexico Video probably not a huge market for a site with an anagram like that but the “vj” has something to it. We kept seeing “Vegas Jackpot”… This one has the makings of a gambling promotional site… New Mega Vegas Jackpot could work. could be one of those domains that is worth the gamble.

5.5 –

Although bnzf doesn’t mean much to most people but with a quick scan of the internet we noticed that it’s actually the abbreviation for Britannia New Zealand Foods. We see some potential in this one and could result it a sale if marketed to the right person.


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