Cakke’s Thursday Domain List

Here are Cakke’s Thurday domain name picks with good potential. All names are available as of 4:00pm EST.  So get ’em while they’re hot.

8.5 –

The short, 6-letter is my favorite pick of the week and it’s Cakke score reflects it with a very solid 8.5. We see all kinds of potential in this domain name that was just dropped this morning. To start off with edente returns about 26,700 google search results and leapfish gives it a pretty nice appraisel at $784. The word edente is french for toothless which alone gives it potential. If we seperate out the e and the dente, then we have created a word not unlike email, eloan or elimo ( recently showed up on the top domain sales of the week). So what you say? Well, the word dente happens to mean “tooth” when translated from portuguese or italian. We see great potential here for the online dentist market.

8.0 –

Short, catchy, pronounceable and even more importantly, in the english dictionary, was only a half a point behind on the cakke scale. The dictionary defines swashy as an adjective meaning “soft, like fruit that is too ripe: quashy; swash.” shows up in the wayback archive, returns 20,000 google results and leapfish likes it at $264…. not bad. Not a homerun but with fun name like Swashy lends itself to all kinds of cliche taglines. “, our name isn’t firm, but neither are our prices…. make us an offer.” You get the idea.

7.0 –

We came to the conclusion that word “media” is and will continue to play a big part in internet business and revenue. That being said, we came up with a list of several words ending in “ame” that we combined with the beginning of the word “media.” The most successful combination on our list was using the words “madame” and “media” to create This one also shows up in the wayback archive and leapfish really seemed to like the name, appraising it at $6,400. We don’t quite value it that high, but with a 7.0 on the Cakke scale it certainly has potential for a home in the ever growing online adult industry.

6.5 –

Wheelage produces 18,200 google results and once again can be found in the archive pages of the wayback machine. Everytime I have looked at the word wheelage I am unsure whether to pronounce a soft “a” as in luggage or sepertate it out like wheel age. Either way, rims and tire sites have a plentiful stake in internet real estate and a name like could easily become a very popular name. Definately worth a look with a 6.5 Cakke score.

6.0 –

Pulsu is a short, 5-letter, very brandable word that looks like it could belong in the english dictionary, and with Google returning 384,000 results on the word it definately has our curiousity peaked. Other than showing up as a last name or username in the searches we were able to find out that “pulsu” does mean “pulse” in Latvian. Does that combined with handful of last names hold enough water for those kind of search results? Even though the appraisels came back under $100, we feel is still a contender with a Cakke score of 6.0.


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