Cakke Scale

There are lots of different resources on the web that you can use in determining whether or not it’s worth the investment to purchase a particular domain name.The Cakke scale is a way for us to assign a number (or a Cakke score) to a domain name to determine it’s resale potential (not it’s value).

We have taken into account several different criteria when we come up with a Caake score such as free domain appraisels, search engine hits, overature score, name length, and archived sites to name a few. As a general rule of thumb, we would not even continue research on  a name with a Cakke score under 5 (with a few exceptions of course). Domains in the 5.5 – 9 range we consider to have good potential and anything over 9 we consider to have great resale potential.

If you are interested in finding out your domain name’s Cakke score send an email to and put Cakke Score in the subject line. The scores are all factored mannually so give us some time and we’ll try to get your score back as soon as we can.


-Cakke Team


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